The Island’s Pool

“...thresholds, crossings...the almost imperceptible transition between inside and the outside, an incredible sense of place, an incredible feeling of concentration when we suddenly become aware of being enclosed, of something enveloping us...”

Atmospheres, 2006
Peter Zumthor

Inspired by the traditions of bathing and swimming, ideas of cleanliness and rebirth, sequence and ritual, the island’s pool is composed of many layers of unique thresholds, emphasizing transition and sequence as the user moves through the building following their own traditions and routines.

Courtyard typologies influenced the form, the placement on the site, the entry sequence and elevations.

Architects such as Louis Kahn inspired the elements of solid and void, which became a very important theme within the project. 

Buildings such as Mason de Verre and the Daylight House inspired material choices and details.

Artists such as Josef Albers and James Turrell influenced geometry, moments of reflection, and quality of light and composition.


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site plan


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