Liz Lenny x F MILLER Candle holder

In collaboration with F Miller, the candleholder began with one of my winter memories:

"Lighting kerosene lamps and walking through the field of my childhood home towards a pond turned skating rink. The frozen clay-like soil of the field has always reminded me of the limestone that is found on the property - light beige with sediment sticking through. The soil holds leftovers of the crops from fall, the limestone fossils of seashells and coral.

The candleholders' limestone bases are foraged from that field in Southwestern Ontario, collected on a cool October weekend. Each piece is unique, selected for its form, fossils, or just the feeling of it in my hand. The steel candle sticks were fabricated by a childhood friend who still lives down the road from where the limestone was collected.

These pieces embody my home: the people, memories, the land. As they are placed in your home I hope they continue to be imbued with memories and meaning."