the silo
third year studio

Due to the change of economy in the city of Malmo, grain silos which were once an important part of industry now face demolition. Using the existing structure, this project aims to develop flexible and adaptive spaces that suit the  user and future user’s needs. By maintaining the structural system, and trying to work within it, there is possibilty for change of program in the future, as Malmo’s economy, needs, and values continue to change. Inspired by the work of David Jenkin and David Worthington, I have tried to maintain “simple plans with few structural elements and open floors [to] make it easier to answer use demands”

The majority of the existing silo is  programmed for an art of photography museum, with the addition being residential. The residential units are proposed as live-work units, providing alternative and subsidized housing for creatives who work within Malmo’s art and culture community.

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